What is WWOOF?

As probably not everyone knows what WWOOF means here’s a short explanation.

WWOOF is an abbreviation for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and it is a network of about 99 countries all around the world that brings together volunteers who want to experience life on organic farms, learn methods of growing plants and breeding animals in an ecological way with people who practice it. Volunteers receive accommodation, food and of course knowledge and practice in exchange for help with ongoing projects on farms. Usually volunteers work from 5 to 6 hours daily, but in some places it can be more. However, hosts tend to be very flexible when it comes to work arrangements. Typically volunteers sleep together in a separate lodging that could be anything like a cottage, cabana, teepee, bunkhouse or for instance a room attached to stables. WWOOF farms include large farms, smallholdings, communities or simply families with backyard gardens. It is a great way to help and at the same time learn how to live more self-sufficiently and ecologically. Also as WWOOFing functions in many countries it can be a nice way to see a bit of the world.


For more information visit the official WWOOF website: