Fair Harvest Festival of No Waste

So after weeks of preparation bashing, baking and brewing, we finally woke up on the big day like kids on Christmas Morning! We were so excited to showcase our: Sauerkrauts, Pickles, Organic Gluten-Free Breads, Juns, Dehydrates and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and wasted no time (see what I did there?) getting our babies on display. Our first time on the other side of the stall!

On the other side of the stall...
Connor had a strong realisation of how much his life has changed when he walked passed a car radio, transmitting the third day of the first Ashes Cricket Test. There is no way he would’ve missed a single moment of action a few years ago. The call to making a healthy contribution to the world is one that we have tried to answer and it has consumed us over the past couple of years. It is a decision that has changed our lives dramatically in different ways and although it can be a bit scary sometimes when we hardly recognise our new forms, events like the Festival of No Waste help confirm to us that we are on the right track.

We met so many like-minded people, so many folk becoming more conscious of their health who are mustering the courage to make the necessary steps towards achieving their goals and understanding that creating a healthy gut flora is one of the first keys to unlocking vitality.
There were also many people who are interested in becoming more empowered and who want to learn how to make these fermented eco-systems themselves. No need to buy expensive probiotic pills when you have the knowledge to create your own medicine.
That’s why we will be running our first SAUERKRAUT WORKSHOP at Fair Harvest Permaculture in the near future and will let you know once we have figured out a date and a format. We are really excited to get this off the ground and start educating people on how to build a more alive version of themselves by upgrading their micro-biome.

We had so much positive feedback on our Sauerkrauts and Breads that people made us promise that we would let them access our surplus. It has really got us thinking about operating on a bit bigger scale, especially after seeing all the inspiring people who have recognised their gifts and the areas in which they can make a positive contribution to the cause of creating more healthy models of behaving and acting in the world. To see people “going for it!” was very encouraging and has left a vision of possibility in our minds.

Dancing to Charlie

Having a big shake down to Charlie Mgee was a perfect way to end the day and move our bodies in rhythm with all the other bodies who helped make the event such a powerful meeting place for people who have had enough of the current self-destructive models of operation in this world. The festival of No Waste was such a beautiful invention and we are so thankful to Jodie and Do, who are doing their part to keep a larger dream alive in our hearts, a dream of rebuilding and inhabiting a healthy home planet.

As always, we are reminded that, “Small and Slow Solutions” is one of the building blocks to creating long lasting, sustainable and regenerative change and we sincerely hope that the seeds planted at the festival grow in to giant old grow forests.

With Love and Hope
Stay Vital
Connor and Marta