A few words about us…

A few words about the Authors…

Hello world, Connor and Marta here!
As a starter, we want to say that whoever you are, it’s super cool that the universe brought you here. Many thanks for stopping by! Marta originally launched this blog as a solo project, mostly thanks to her dear friends who kept on bugging her with questions after hearing stories from her “soul-searching” adventures.
For Marta, it started as a journey to re-connect with nature, live a more simple, sustainable and self-sufficient way of life and learn and explore healthier methods of living through voluntary work on farms (WWOOF), permaculture projects, cycling and walking travels.

About two years in to that exploration, while in Australia, Marta found Connor, who was on a similar journey and immediately two paths merged to form a shared dream.
Now we are officially on a mission. We don’t really know the “Where” or “What” particulars of the mission but we know the “Why” and trusting in our values of low-impact living gives us a chance of developing a clearer “How”.
We are passionate about being of service to the voice growing louder and louder in many humans around the world that says, “We want health, we want vitality and we want to live in a way that makes us feel like an integral and important part of our environment, our communities and own lives.”
Some of our current strategies to try to honour that mission statement is to; make gut healing fermented foods, use the car less, use more environmentally friendly products, maintain and create garden spaces, WWOOF and volunteer on different Permaculture projects, shop locally and try to support local ventures.
This Blog is a record of our evolving commitment to a way of life, a way of life that sees a deep conversation as more valuable than the latest I-Phone, that puts ecological consideration above economic fascination and one that makes life a rich and beautiful experience, rather than merely a series of endless chores.

Connor and Marta Hops Tomato
Photo by Artist as Family

Personal Introductions:


Personally I believe that it is impossible to grasp an understanding of what drives one to his or her transition journey without knowing their background.

I originally come from Poland and Warsaw where my family and long-time friends are, but since I move a lot I think my home is wherever I am at the moment. Home at the moment is in the arms of my man. I used to travel a lot with my parents as a child. Later as a teenager I continued to travel by myself or with friends, mostly during summer holidays. Often these were 2 or 3 month-long trips abroad. As a student I spent some time living in USA, Italy and Cracow in the south of Poland. In 2013 I moved to Barcelona for a few years. I won’t even try to count how many times I moved around Warsaw, as there were so many. I think I’ve been living a sort of nomad life for about half of my life so far.

As a little girl I wanted to be many things. The ones I remember are an archeologist, an explorer, a gardener, a florist, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a radio speaker, a journalist and a publisher. I ended up studying Journalism, specialising in Public Relations and Media Marketing, followed later by American Culture Studies. Since then I have worked many random jobs like most people as well in an embassy and PR Agencies; and finally my last job was as a customer service agent for a large international corporation. Some of these jobs I actually liked a lot and enjoyed doing. Some others I truly despised and struggled with day by day. But they all in their peculiar way made me who I am right now and gave me the opportunity to meet loads of interesting people.

When I was a kid I loved to play outside with my neighbour for endless hours. We used to go biking in the forest, build tree houses and huts, play scouts and sometimes we fought pinecone wars with other children from the neighbourhood. I had my favourite trees to climb and always came back home with scratched and bruised legs and arms. These were happy times when the sunset was my only clock that marked the end of the fun.

Now as an adult I still love to climb trees and I cycle everywhere I can but I also look at it all from a bit of different perspective – forests as our lungs and bicycles as the most pleasurable and ecological way of transportation. I have always been an adventurous person in search of new travels and experiences. But I’m also an impossible bookworm, collector and addict of books. I love cats (especially ginger ones!), old movies, ice cream, listening to music and my amazing soul-mate partner, Connor.

I must also mention environmental issues and sustainability that brought me here where I am right now. These were a huge trigger that started this journey but more about that later on.
Last but not least… my friends. They are my pearls and diamonds. My support and motivation. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for continuing to keep me inspired!